WORLD CHOOSE RAIDON because “We Value Values”

“Think of Importing from India and here We are available for any of your Need for Products Sourced and Made in India”

We understand it well that finding a genuine supplier in other countries is a task needs a lot of Time and Money. Meeting multiple suppliers of each product personally with a strong background, understanding quality, price negotiations, specifications, meeting all standards, production capacity etc. are the criteria to consider while choosing a partner who supplies products as per your need. Team Raidon makes sure of all the steps followed strictly so that we can provide products as per your requirements in decided price, time and place to deliver by our excellence with Supply Chain Management. We work very hard at ground with our professional approach to help you achieve Value for Money.

The Name “RAIDON VENTURES” itself tells our structure and commitment towards our customers across the world:


We are lawfully registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as LLP. Raidon is chained in a Team where our Experts work on different dynamics of Sourcing to Shipping. Our employees and associates have expertise of doing their jobs the best way.


Being the Farmers we are associated with different groups related to Agriculture. Raidon is also proudly associated with direct manufacturers and associations governed by the Government of India.


Team Raidon connects with Farmers and Manufacturers independently where we do not entertain any mediator. Dealing directly and independently with our associates makes us a trustworthy and strong Partner.


Excellence of our Supply Chain Management Team makes sure that the operations carried under this follow punctuality at every stage of Supply Chain whether it is Preparations, Packaging, Logistics, Customs Clearance, Insurance etc.


Our team visits suppliers’ farms and manufacturing units and understands their values and work process across the country with terms and conditions in a contract after making sure of their structures, permissions, registrations, capacity and quality standards.


Multiple options bring opportunity of Negotiations. Raidon ensures we are not dependent on single supplier so we get associated with multiple suppliers of products with the best qualities so that quality and quantity can never be compromised while negotiating.


Raidon ensures that every supplier or farmer has legal structure in place and have professional approach towards any commitment given by them. A strong background check helps Raidon create strong association with loyal partners.


Raidon respects confidentiality of the deals with our customers. We make sure that we do our jobs with utmost excellence in which it is important to keep things non-disclosed as far as it is not needed.


Networking is a regular practice by the Team Raidon ensuring adding more suppliers by connecting and contracting directly with them. We prefer to connect with suppliers who have strong values that is why we follow a strong background check before associating.


Raidon respects confidentiality of the deals with our customers. We make sure that we do our jobs with utmost excellence in which it is important to keep things non-disclosed as far as it is not needed.


Raidon is very choosy when it comes to associating with any one whether it is our Customers or Suppliers because we follow our words strongly once we commit. Raidon is proudly known for fulfilling its commitment since generations.


Customer satisfaction depends on required products the most. Team Raidon ensures that product is very well understood and projected to customer at the best of the knowledge. Every detail of the products is explained to the customers.


Team Raidon recruits qualified people to carry values of the company through reaching out to Suppliers and Customers. Utmost Professionalism makes us different from others as we are a team of highly qualified members with discipline and honesty.


Raidon makes sure that required products reach to the customers safely in their countries. From packaging, Customs Clearance and Insurance everything can be taken care with associated members and under the surveillance of Team Raidon ensuring full safety.